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Tips for buying gemstone wholesale earring jewelry that should be followed

Gemstones are carefully mined wholesale earring jewelry from the earth or ocean and have a special place in the market. Before you even think about buying such precious stones, there are some simple tips you should follow. This way you won’t be in for any surprises once you unpack those beauties. Jewelry this brilliant deserves all the protocols of purchase which includes buying the gems from a reliable source. Remember to build a collection as pure as your heart with high-quality to be prided with.

Over the years, with the advancement in technology, we can see a great of gemstones in the market. They are available in different colors and designs. This is an indication that, with more fish in the sea, there’s plenty of room for tricks. You just need a little more creativity to try different places and find the best one. Here, for your convenience, we have some of the best tips for buying gemstone wholesale earring jewelry that won’t bury you with regrets. So go on and educate yourself on gemstone wholesale earring jewelry!

How to handle gemstone wholesale earring jewelry:

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Before we get into the actual topic, we have some wisdom for you on how to handle gemstone wholesale earring jewelry:

-Always make sure that you take it off before going into the water on the beach or before showering. Gemstones can lose their intense coloring after getting in contact with excessive oils and perspiration.

-Whatever products you’re applying, be it cream or a spray, make sure to do it before wearing the wholesale earring jewelry. Any lotion or spray can permanently damage the stone by clouding it.

-Avoid any extreme measures to restore your gemstone’s beauty. Scrubbing with toothpaste can be a bit harsh on the gemstones and might damage their beauty. If the gemstone needs cleaning then simply soak it in soap water and move it back and forth. Do this until your wholesale earring jewelry is squeaky clean and new!

-Using a toothbrush for cleaning wholesale earring jewelry is a very common method used to reduce the oxidization of wholesale earring jewelry. Diamonds can take it however some gemstones are extremely vulnerable and can’t stand the harshness of toothpaste.

-Polishing is another caring routine that you should follow through for long-lasting gemstone beauty. Be sure to polish it regularly with a soft cloth that doesn’t leave any hairline scratches in its leave.

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Look for intense colored stones:

Stones that are saturated with intense colors are more valuable than ones that are not. Once you get into the market, look for ones that are highly saturated with color. This way you’ll be in the possession of some of the most high-quality gemstones. The richer in color they are, the pricier they get. Always aim to buy gemstones that are dripping with intense colorization, they will surely be a great investment. Stones of this nature are rare to be found and will be the treasure of your jewelry collection.

Artificial treatment:

You might be extremely happy with the purchase of buying the best gemstone wholesale earring jewelry ever. And if there is an addition of small gemstones like rubies and sapphires mixed in it, they become exquisite. However, if you feel like the stones aren’t real then there’s an easy way to find out. Just look into the candlelight, if you don’t find any shiny and glowing colors then the jewelry certainly isn’t real.

Cut and clarity:

This is another important detail you need to notice about gemstones. The shape of the gemstones matters a lot more than you originally thought it did. The precision and clarity with which such work had been done on the stones, shows its worth. However, where it improves the appearance of the stones, it lowers its rate as well. Gems that have a bigger size than the high-cut ones have a superior price than the ones that weren’t. It is quite common for gems to lose their value from 50 to 60 percent after going through a cut. As you reduce the size of the stone, the lower its value gets.


Now, this is the one tip that you need to follow if you want to preserve the life of your precious purchase. Everything needs care and attention, to conserve its beauty and brilliance. The same is the case for our magnificent gemstones, they need proper care so that no harm comes to them. Many gemstones don’t need any care however some need to be kept in a secure place. They have to be kept away from excessive light, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. If you follow through with this tip, your wholesale earring jewelry will last a lifetime!

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Carat weight:

Now that you’re going through this whole process of buying gemstones, there’s another crucial thing to do. When you’re shopping for gemstones, make sure that you ask for their weight. Weight is an important element that decides the value of a stone. It can be confusing as there are many stones and all of them are made from different chemicals that affect their weight. Stones different in size can have the same weight while stones the same in size can have different weights.


Gemstone is one of the oldest forms of wholesale earring jewelry and has evolved into many shapes. Something about the shiny brilliance sucks you into its orbit and makes you a convert forever. If you’re here then you probably want to start your collection of gemstone jewelry. Now that you’ve enlightened yourself on the tips as a gemstone jewelry beginner buyer, go on a shopping spree! But make sure to handle whatever you buy, with care and attention.

Believe it to be your child, that wants a healthy and happy life. If you want to know more about caring gemstones, keep reading this blog and you won’t be disappointed! Don’t know how to buy a gemstone? Our blog has all the tips you need to know about handling gemstone wholesale earring jewelry. Hurry up and check out the best tips to buy gemstone jewelry for 2021!

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