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Some of the Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the World

At one time or the other in our lives, we have purchased a dainty piece of earrings or that trending gold band. Jewelry is one interest that is shared by both genders. A simple piece of jewelry can take a casual outfit and transform it into a stunning piece or even make that fabulous outfit look even better. With more unique, attractive, and breathtaking pieces coming out every day, the desire to own these pieces has only increased.

An enterprise that has proven to be lucrative, the jewelry industry has not only become a place for people to show off crowd-pleasing and media buzzing pieces of jewelry pieces but to flaunt their wealth status.

Perhaps you were browsing the media, and your attention caught the headline of particular jewelry that was worth so much it made headlines for weeks, maybe even months, and you wondered just how much must have been spent on it, or if there could be pieces worth more than that.

In this article, we have compiled some of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the world as of 2021. These pieces were the rave when they came out, and even after years, they are still being talked about in the world of bling and everything jewelry.


Some of the Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry in the World



Wittlelsbach-Graff Diamond:

“I see it, and I want it.” Some of us have browsed through jewelry sections countless times, admiring pieces that we wish we had enough money to get. Or, you might have saved up enough money over the months or years and finally purchased the ring of your dreams, no small feat by any means. jewelry in the world

But have you spent up to $5 million on a gemstone? How about $10 million? Well, the first ring on the list is an $80 million gem called the Wittlelsbach-Graft diamond. The 31.06-carat deep blue diamond came from the Kollur Mine, India. jewelry in the world

The diamond was first discovered in the mid-1600s and, according to the legend, traveled through many channels, including the house of Spanish King Phillip IV, who purchased it as a dowry for his daughter. jewelry in the world

It was acquired at an auction in 2008 by the infamous jeweler Laurence Graff. He purchased it and cut it with three diamond cutters before selling the stone to a royal family member for $80 million in 2011. jewelry in the world

Pink Star Diamond:

One of the most expensive diamonds globally, the Pink Star is weighing 59.60-carat, is valued at $72 million, and is the biggest, flawless diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America. jewelry in the world

The fancy vivid pink oval-shaped diamond that mesmerized the world weighed 132.5- carats in the rough when miners found it in the De Beers mine in Africa in 1999. It took two years of cutting and polishing with the combined efforts of several diamond cutters before it attained its perfect oval shape. jewelry in the world

Another reason why the Pink Star is so expensive is because of its color. The most common colors of diamonds are white, yellow, and white. The more natural the color is, the more expensive, as in the white and pink diamonds. The pink diamond is worth $30,000 to $100,000 per carat, which is almost twenty times more expensive than the white diamond. jewelry in the world


I ‘incomparable:

The story of I’ incomparable is a tale that is told every time the $55 million diamond necklace is brought up. In the 1980s, a little girl in Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo found the gemstone while playing in a pile of rubble in her uncle’s house. Her uncle then sold it to local African diamond dealers, and it is in rough form; it weighed at 890-carats. jewelry in the world

After polishing and cutting, it weighed 407.48-carat in 2012. The brownish-yellow diamond pendant is suspended from a rose gold frame, with smaller white diamonds surrounding it in an asymmetrical design to resemble the leaves of a vine. It was 2013, the world’s most expensive necklace, according to Guinness World Records. jewelry in the world

It is perhaps accurate to say that this necklace, with its unique design, and enthralling background story, is right in its name as the “Incomparable.” jewelry in the world

Graff Pink:

Another scarce diamond color, the Graff Pink weighs, stands at number four on our list of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the world. jewelry in the world

The fancy vivid pink gemstone weighing 24.78-carats was not just famous for its size or even the rarity of the color pink. When the Gemological Institute of America graded it, it was found to be a Type IIa diamond. It was among the 1 to 2 percent of diamonds in terms of clarity and purity. The pink diamond is also set in a platinum ring with two jaw-dropping shield-shaped stones on each side. jewelry in the world

Renowned New York jeweler Harry Winston purchased it. He kept it in his collection for over sixty years before the infamous jeweler Laurence Graff bought it for $46 million at an auction in November 2010. It was the highest amount that had ever been spent on a diamond, and it officially made the Graff Pink the most expensive diamond in the world at that time. jewelry in the world

Graff then proceeded, in a manner of weeks, after meticulous work, to turn what was a flawless piece into something astonishing. The Graff Pink went from being potentially ideal to being internally flawless, weighing 23.88-carats. jewelry in the world


Zoe Diamond:

Another unique colored diamond, the teardrop-shaped, 9.75-carats fancy vivid blue gemstone, is one of the most expensive blue diamonds globally, valued at $32. 6 million.
The pear shape diamond auctioned at Sotheby’s New York was purchased by Joseph Lau, a property tycoon, and private collector, as a gift for his daughter, Zoe. The Zoe Diamond, at its auction, broke the record price for blue diamonds, selling for 32.645 million auctions, which is approximately $3.350 million per carat. jewelry in the world


The Zoe Diamond, Graff Pink, and Pink Star are all gemstones that dazzled the world with their stunning qualities and worth. A few more honorable mentions include the Orange Diamond, worth $35 million; Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond, worth $48 million; Oppenheimer Blue Diamond, worth $57 million and the Hope Diamond, worth $250 million.

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