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The use of marcasite jewelry is becoming more popular because the prices of gold are increasing very rapidly. That is why you might have noticed the trend of wearing other fine stones like marcasite at weddings and other casual parties. Marcasite is not only an elegant type of gemstone but it has strong ties with royalty as it was commonly worn by the queens in past centuries.

Where the marcasite brooch was used to bind several layers of the garment on special occasions, the Fashion industry has brought this beautiful stone into more casual use just like marcasite bracelets and necklaces. Here are the five best marcasite bracelets that can be used casually or you can wear in your daily life.

5 Best Marcasite bracelets for casual and everyday use



A solid 925 sterling silver marcasite bracelet is purely antique-style jewelry that is perfect for those who are fond of wearing that antique kind of jewelry. This bracelet is always a good choice if you’re thinking of giving your friend or special one a beautiful gift on their birthday, wedding, or Anniversary.

The length of the bracelet is precisely 7.5 inches and its width is 9 mm. It has a very appealing design of white flowers which can’t go unnoticed if you are wearing it. This marcasite bracelet is made up of sterling silver and, an ideal cut marcasite stone is designed inside of it. To ensure safety while wearing, it comes with a secure lobster clasp.

Just like all our products, this bracelet is designed and made with passion and love while giving complete attention to the details. This product contains very fine gemstone and a lot of hard work is required to manufacture this beautiful piece of art, still, we offer a very reasonable price for this eye-catching jewelry.


This alluring artisan product is manufactured by NOVICA in collaboration with National Geographic. This 7.25 inches long and 0.2 inches wide marcasite bracelet is a graceful art designed and made by a brilliant Artisan that connects the wearer with the beauty of nature. This marcasite bracelet has the potential to catch anyone’s eye who is an animal lover or believes in the cause of conservation of nature. 0.40 carats of round marcasite stones are used in making this bracelet that has the art of a magnificent animal on it.

The use of sterling silver with white-colored marcasite stone is a perfect selection of material and color combinations. A link chain is used to attach the bracelet. This bracelet is a great gift for not only those who love animals but for those who like to enjoy power and strength. The elephant represents enormous strength and power and great intelligence.

Wearing this bracelet gives you a sense of power and brings you close to nature. The elephant is known to bring luck and happiness to many cultures across East Asia. NOVICA works with the motive of spreading happiness across the world through its products and designs.


Sabrina Silver Cubic Zirconia Garnet Floral Marcasite bracelet is one of the high-demand products because of its antique floral design which has always been popular in ancient jewelry worn by royalty. The length of this bracelet is 7 inches and it is purely made up of sterling silver containing around 92% pure silver in it.

Unlike the usual use of marcasite alone, this bracelet has a combination of zirconia with marcasite which has doubled the beauty of the product. Zirconia, just like marcasite is a very fine type of gemstone and this great combination of both stones is a perfect presentation of fashion and elegance.

This product has a beautiful arrangement of pattern of flowers made with a combination of cubic zirconia and round-shaped marcasite. The red-colored marcasite with elegant cubic red zirconia completes the look of this beautiful bracelet. Because of this alluring red color, this bracelet can be worn at weddings and other casual parties and you can give this bracelet to your friends as a wedding gift.



Silver empire jewelry’s bracelets are designed with perfection, keeping a close eye on the small details. Marcasite freshwater pearl bracelet is not different than other products and it is handmade, which makes it special. This product is a beautiful combination of sterling silver, marcasite stone, and freshwater pearls.

The artisan has designed 3 strands of freshwater pearls, the strands measuring 6mm, in between them, three spacers made up of very elegant marcasite stone and the ends meet at a beautifully designed tongue lock. Pearl has always been used in jewelry because of its beauty and uniqueness. Its spark makes it different from other stones. Shining white pearls always go well with wedding gowns.

This pearl bracelet is a nice pick if you’re thinking of going to a wedding or you want to gift your bride friend a graceful gift. This triple-stranded design bracelet comes with a matt black gift box and a pouch, so you don’t need to buy a gift box separately because your bracelet comes with it.


This marcasite bracelet is the product of Avatar Sterling. This is 7.25 inches long marcasite bracelet with seven round shape pink shells. It contains two designs of fine marcasite stone, 14 square and 26 round shape cuts which makes a total of 40 marcasite stones. Seven pink shells are arranged with the marcasite spacers at their ends with a tongue and safety-latch type of clasp.

The design of the bracelet is ideal for casual as well as for daily use. This marcasite bracelet of Avatar sterling is eligible for refund or replacement. This bracelet will be shipped to you with a very nice pouch and gift box. So, if you’re planning to buy this friend or family you don’t have to worry about wrapping your gift.


Final Verdict:

The fashion world is very dynamic and so it is important to keep up with the new and updated fashion trends. Marcasite bracelet is a new addition to fashion inspired by a brooch, whose use was more formal. You can wear this jewelry to your university or work.

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