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Is it a good place to get quality Jewelry

Two brothers, Morris and Willian Zale, in 1924 launched their first-ever Zales store in Wichita, Texas. They laid down credit plans where the average American consumer could purchase the cameras, jewelry, and home appliances on sale in their outlet. This most probably set the tone for what the brand would later become. quality Jewelry

In 1957, they then opened their earliest store within a shopping mall. The main objective was to trade as much jewelry as they can at affordable prices – this pioneered the huge marketing efforts of jewelry in the US. From when the company started, Zales has employed outstanding advertisement and marketing and advertising to satisfy its large number of buyers. quality Jewelry

As we speak, Zales has about 700 stores in the United States as well as Puerto Rico. The brand now has a wing under Sterling Jewelers, the biggest jewelry store corporation in America. Sterling Jewelers is a fully owned subsidiary of Signet Jewelers, known as the biggest specialty jewelry retailer in the World.

quality Jewelry

One remarkable feature that makes it stand out from Zales is based on the fact that the company has a premier diamond store that offers its customers the largest selection of high-quality and high-value fine jewelry.

Due to this, any Zales customer can check whatever he wants with respect to the jewelry, from the daily basics to a few of the most luxurious diamonds, both online and in their physical outlets. quality Jewelry

They also provide the choicest wedding jewelry made from ordinary gold bands and the most elegant diamonds. A few of their diamond designs include premier diamond designs from some of the most prominent brands worldwide, like Vera Wang and Neil Lane.
Zales’ collection of wedding diamond jewelry comprises the biggest percentage of the company, which has given them the Moniker – The Diamond Store.

Is it a good place to get quality Jewelry

What Jewelry does Zales sell?

Like most jewelry stores, Zale’s caters mostly to wedding bands and engagement rings as well as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches.
Zales has a vast selection, so you can find virtually any style from their site. Most of the jewelry Zales has in stock is fine jewelry produced using gemstones and precious metals. Their values fit that category with women’s wedding rings starting from about $500 to about $50,000.

Is Zales Jewelry Good Quality?

Sadly, Zales jewelry pieces, either diamonds, silver, or gold, have lesser quality than jewelry certified by the GIA. Also, they rely on the benefit of being a well-known name and the naivety of their customers. Prior to most vendors began trading diamonds on the internet, there were few options when it was time to select the choicest diamonds for your jewelry pieces. quality Jewelry

At the same time, there was very little information, so you wouldn’t carry out much research before your purchase. You would enter a Zales store, and the salesperson would give you information about the diamond you would want to buy.

In most cases, the salesperson would not give you accurate information about the diamond simply because he or she wants to make a quick sale. So most of the time, after getting your Zales ring, necklace, or earrings, you will notice that it starts to fade after some time, or you’re a bit wary about the diamond.

Most Zales jewelry pieces are pocket-friendly items.

If you closely at Zales jewelry selection, you will realize that its selling price sits comfortably with an average buyer. Unlike other simple costume jewelry items, their jewelry is coated with precious metals that make it elegant and sturdy. It is designed with sparkling stones that have the same semblance as those valued at thousands of dollars. This lets buyers benefit from the value of the selection by using even the most ordinary yet beautiful jewelry pieces. quality Jewelry

They are used as beloved fashion statements for any special event.

Basically, statement jewelry is standoffish and bold and allows you to showcase your personality by looking on the outside. Zale’s jewelry pieces are the same. They can be worn to various events, either it’s an engagement, dinner, or birthday. You can adorn them as daily jewelry.
A few jewelry pieces from this designer brand are suited to be worn every day. You can put on a beautiful pair of Zales earrings at any time. At the same time, their rings are spectacular enough to be worn very often. quality Jewelry

They can easily lose form.

As Zales jewelry pieces are not produced from the most lasting materials, they are prone to particular amounts of force.

A few colored jewelry pieces look kind of cheap.

Some items from this designer brand’s jewelry selection do not appear as good as they suppose to. A few seem to look like they are of lesser quality than their competitors’ ones on stock. This can lead to a few skin allergies anytime the base metal is released into the surrounding.

Sadly, most Zales jewelry items are produced using Copper or Nickel, and their plating usually fades with the years. If the base metal is released, you may sustain a Nickel allergy if your skin is sensitive, or the jewelry units may spot a green tint on your neck, wrist,, or finger.

Do Zale and Kay run the same Company?

We have given a little history about Zales, yet we have to tell you a little history about Kay to know the difference much more. This company started over 100 years ago, and Edmund and Sol Kaufmann launched kay Jewelry in 1916 in Reading, Pennsylvania. It is one of the top jewelry brands globally and is ranked the second jewelry retailer with the most outlets and has a mall-based presence all over the United States.

Since they began, Kay has existed as a jewelry brand meant to reflect gratitude and love. At first, they were selling eyeglasses, razors, silverware, silverware, and appliances prior to selling jewelry exclusively.

The big question now is – for the fact that both brands are sister companies, aren’t they simply one with the same features? Not exactly. Even though they have the same policies in some categories, Zales and Kay serve different audiences. quality Jewelry

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