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Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry

To begin with, wholesale marcasite jewelry – more commonly known as simply ‘marcasite’ in the trade – consists of jewelry made ​​of cast metal. It was initially popularized by Queen Victoria in the 19th century and can be found in many different styles, from simple to ornate to gemstone accented. This material lends itself well to both a vintage style and an elegant modern style, which makes it highly sought after by designers and jewelers. Wholesale Marcasite

Although a relatively new material to the fashion industry, marcasite has been around for hundreds of years. This is primarily due to the fact that it can be cast in an inexpensive and durable metal, which is why it was adopted by jewelers during a time when many women were making the transition from dressing more informally at home to requiring something much more elegant for the theater, dinner parties, etc… Wholesale Marcasite

Just like any other precious stone or piece of jewelry, wholesale marcasite jewelry should be cared for properly so that it will last and maintain its original luster. The problem with this material, however, is that there are very few easily accessible resources on how best to clean and take care of marcasite pieces. In other words, Marcasite jewelry is a beautiful piece of accessory that brings out the best in your dressing.

However, the effort to make it look as good as new can be pretty overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide full of expert advice and tips! Wholesale Marcasite The first step is to know that marcasite jewelry can be cleaned in a number of ways, but some methods are better than others. Some cleaners and jewelry pieces may leave residue on or damage the surface of your piece if not handled correctly; others may conduct electricity when they come into contact with water and other materials. Wholesale Marcasite

The tips we are about to share in this blog post are DIY tips, so if you are going to hand over your piece of jewelry to a professional jewelry cleaner, then you might not need them. However, the problem with giving out your marcasite jewelry to a cleaner is that they could easily swap it with a fake one and sell yours. Anyway, here are our top 5 methods for cleaning your marcasite jewelry pieces.

Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry

Wholesale Marcasite

#1) Clean it with a toothbrush and baking soda

One of the things that you may find hard to believe when cleaning any jewelry is that many people use toothpaste, but gentle ones at that. Toothpaste has natural ingredients like baking soda which can help remove dirt and grime easily. When using a toothbrush or an old cloth, you can rub gently on your jewelry for around 5 minutes. If need be, rinse off with warm water afterward so that no stains are left behind. This simple DIY method to remove dirt from the marcasite jewelry should work wonders for you if you wanted something easy yet effective as well as cheap. Wholesale Marcasite

#2) Use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

If you are in the market for one of these cleaning machines, it’s recommended that you have a small one. Large ones are good when cleaning many pieces at once, but they are pretty expensive. You may also find them unnecessary if you only clean your marcasite jewelry a few times per year anyway. Just make sure to wear gloves and follow all directions carefully to avoid any problems while using this machine.

Wholesale Marcasite
The best ultrasonic cleaners will come with heating capabilities as well, so they can help remove certain stains even better than normal soap and water would do. Be careful not to leave your jewelry inside for too long, though, as there might be chances of damage due to overuse! Afterward, wipe out excess water from your jewelry, then lay them out to dry on a piece of cloth. Wholesale Marcasite

Wholesale Marcasite

#3) Clean it with a leather and polish softener

While you may not find this method as effective compared to the other two mentioned above, you will have an easier time removing dirt from marcasite gemstones if any such dirt is present in the first place. These are mainly used for cleaning leather products like shoes that can be easily damaged by friction and stuff. Wholesale Marcasite

On the other hand, using this type of cleaner could be riskier since it takes longer to work and may occasionally cause damage to certain types of jewelry, especially when not followed properly. Just make sure to test how safe your particular cleaner is on your precious marcasite pieces before going ahead and trying it yourself. Wholesale Marcasite

#4) Clean it with warm water and mild soap

Baking soda will not work on all jewelry, so if you want to clean away dirt from your marcasite jewelry using this method, you’ll need some soap that is gentle enough for skin contact. Coconut oil or olive oil could work well, too, because they both contain fatty acids, which help break down dirt and grime as well as clear stains on your jewelry. Wholesale Marcasite

While there are many kinds of cleaning solutions available today, be sure to choose one that is fit for use on silver-colored pieces only since other types might damage the color shade of your jewelry. Using a soft cloth while doing this should also provide better results after just a few minutes or so of cleaning. Wholesale Marcasite

Wholesale Marcasite

5) Clean it with warm water and dishwashing soap

If you have a lot of jewelry to clean, then this is one surefire way to get the job done right without having to spend too much effort or time doing it. Dishwashing liquid contains mild detergents that are safe enough for use on silver pieces like those made out of marcasite gemstones as long as they are from reputed brands.

A firm rose-tipped brush can also be used along with a soft cloth and soft toothbrush if necessary, so there’s really no need to worry about damaging your jewelry in any way, even when using these methods in general. Wholesale Marcasite Make sure to dry them off completely after using warm water, though since excess moisture can lead to mold growing in your jewelry box, not to mention tarnish. As a wholesaler, you must know all these methods, so you can always advise your customers on what to do when their pieces get stained; Wholesale Marcasite

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